HP 4155 Printer Review

In this HP 4155 printer review, you will be able to get a detailed overview of the functions, capabilities, and limitations of the printer that can help you in your decision to buy it!

The HP DeskJet Plus 4155 is an all-in-one printer with enhanced capabilities in its compact-sized body. The HP 4155 printer comes with a manual. The HP Deskjet plus 4155 user manual gives clear instructions about its operations and functions that you can follow to operate it very easily. 

The printer has both a flatbed and sheetfed scanner. The affordable printer might give you all the basic functions but its overall performance is not very up to the mark that actually makes sense with this much low price. HP 4155 printer has low black and color page yield. To deal with it, you would have to replace the cartridges again and again and get a high yield of both. It might not be a headache because the cartridges are very cheap. 

The HP 4155 printer loads paper but does not print the double-sided papers. It performs very slow when it comes to printing color or black and white. It does not support duplex scanning even when it has a sheetfed scanner. The printer has excellent color accuracy and normal quality of photo printing. The body of the printer is very compact, plastic body but solid. The overall design of the printer is not very catchy.

Structure of HP 4155 Printer

The height of the printer is 20 cm or 7.9’’, Width is 43 cm or 16.9’’ and depth is 32.5 cm or 32.5’’. When it comes to the weight of the printer, it is 4.9 kg. The printer body is compact and does not take much space. 

It has no paper tray but there is a rear feeder where there is a capacity of 60 pages. Make sure that when you pull it out while printing otherwise the paper would crumble in between. The head compartment of the printer allows you to access the papers and align them. The power cable is removable in the printer that needs to be replaced in case of any damage.


The size of the display screen is 3.7 cm or 1.4’’. It is not a touchscreen but has buttons to operate it manually. The icons and symbols easily convey the functionality of the printer. The actions like copy, cancel, or resume, etc can be operated with the help of seven physical buttons.


The printer has one HP 67 Tri-Color ink cartridge and an HP 67 Black ink cartridge. The estimated black page yield tested for the printer is 110 prints whereas that of color pages is 62 prints. One bad thing about ink cartridges as discussed above as well is that they don’t last long. You would have to replace them every now and then. There are high-yield sizes for black and tri-color cartridges but there is no XXL size for them. The printer allows some third-party cartridges but that might affect its warranty.

The cost-per-print of HP DeskJet 4155 is very disappointing. If you sign up for the HP Instant ink subscription, you will be able to receive new cartridges whenever you run out of ink. This can eliminate the overhead of refilling or replacing the cartridges again and again. 


The printer allows scanning of documents with the capability of both scan Sheetfed and scan flatbed. It also has an automatic document feeder that can hold up to 35 pages but no support for duplex scanning and for that you would have to flip the documents manually, the scan restitution of the printer is 1200 DPI. The scan size of the Flatbed is  8.5″ x 11″. It does not support fax but allows copy. The scan color depth of HP 4155 is 24 bit. 

Printing Speed

The printing speed of the HP 4155 printer is very slow. The black-only text document has 5 PPM and the color has 3 PPM speed. The photo printing takes about 69 seconds to print the paper. The out time of the first black paper is 12.4 seconds. It takes quite a while to print of black or color documents. However, it p[ronts the photos faster as compared to HP DeskJet 3755. The output tray of the printer can hold up to 25 pages.

So based on the review, you can now decide the features you want and whether HP 4155 supports them all or not!

The HP DeskJet 4155 has excellent color accuracy, and it’s better than the HP ENVY Photo 6255. It’s good enough for printing presentations or projects, but may not be good for work that requires perfect color accuracy.

Photo Printing

If you are looking for high color accuracy in photo printing, then this printer might not be a very good choice. The reason is that the colors and bands appear grayscale and the faces in the photo give the gray color. The overall tone of the picture is very flat. So if you are looking for a printer with all basic functions as well as good photo quality, then you can check out the HP ENVY 6055e

Connectivity Options

The HP Deskjet plus 4155 printer manual describes the connectivity options available for the printer. As the printer is not very high-tech, it also doesn’t support an external device such as an SD card or USB. It has no support for Bluetooth as well but can connect through Wi-Fi. It means you can connect the printer to the computer wirelessly through a USB connection. The printer also gets connected to the HP Smart app that allows you to perform a number of additional functions. You can directly scan the papers from the printer through the photo files, and PDFs in the app.