How to Print when HP Printer Show Offline

If the printer shows offline status and is not printing then you can take the following steps to make it work.

hp print and scan doctor download

This is a very advanced feature introduced by HP to help you print when printer show offline. If you are using Windows 8 or 10 on your computer used for HP Printer Support then you can download HP print and scan doctor that is built to help you with print offline.Once you download HP print and scan doctor, you should run the file HPPSdr.exe that is in the downloaded location of HP print and scan doctor in your computer. Once the file opens then click Start and select your printer. Click retry if your printer is not in the list or follow the instructions if there is a problem with connectivity and click on Fix Printing. If the problem still continues, contact HP Printer Support Number or go to next step.

Resetting the print environment

If you reset your printing environment then it might restore your hp print and scan doctor download to get it online. If after resetting the print environment your printer starts’ working then your problem is solved and if you still cannot print then try setting your default printer.

Setting your default printer

The problem may be arising due to change in your default printer because of some other driver you have installed like WSD driver that is very similar to print driver. You have to change the default driver back to the original driver that was installed before and then confirm that you have not set the printer for offline use.

1. Search for Device manager in the windows and choose Printers from it.

2. Select HP printer from the list and choose set as default printer.

Some other things to try

If you can print after trying the above methods then it is good but if the problem is still there then you should immediately contact HP Printer Technical Support. Other than that, you can try to connect to some proper network. You can use your connection to the direct wireless connection of your printer. You can also try to update the framework of your printer or if the problem is still there than try to reinstall the software of the printer. You can contact the hp scan doctor anytime if the problem is not solved.