Resolve Epson Printer Error Message?


Epson printers are undoubtedly amongst the best printer brands that you will find in the market. But this does not mean that these printers will always work flawlessly without coming across errors. 

What is an Error Message?

At times, you might be trying to print a document, but a numerical code may keep showing up on screen, preventing you from going ahead with the printing job. This code is nothing but an error message. Dealing with error messages can be tricky as one has to understand what they mean to be able to resolve the error. Here are some common Epson printer error messages:

  • Error 0x97 

  • Error 0xf1

  • Error 000031

1. Error 0x97 Epson Printer:

This is one of the most annoying errors to encounter. The 0x97 error code is used to represent hardware related issues. There can be a number of hardware issues, and this error code is just a generic representation therefore, finding the exact hardware flaw can surely be a pain. 

To resolve this issue, switch off the printer and then carefully disconnect all the connections. Let the printer be for some time. Now reconnect the cables and restart the printer. 

If the issue still persists, turn off the printer again and remove the outer shell. Use a damp cloth to wipe the printer and then try using the printer again. 

When nothing seems to work, feel free to reach out to the Epson Printer Support. 

2. Error 0xf1 Epson Printer:

The 0xf1 error means that the printer is unable to execute the task issued by the computer since the computer registry has been corrupted. 

To fix this issue, the printer registry on the computer needs to be scanned and the fixed. You will find a handful of tools that can help you do so. Download and install any reputable tool like RegCure Pro and scan the relevant registry file. Once the scanning is complete, press the Fix Errors option and restart your computer after the process is finished. Now the printer should work fine without encountering the error. 

3. Error 000031 Epson Printer:

The 000031 error indicates an issue in the scanner area of the printer. If the scanner is jammed or the cartilage of the printer is not installed properly, it can lead to this error message being displayed on your computer screen. 

When facing this issue, your first resort should be removing and reinstalling the printer cartilage. Make sure that the printer is switched off while you do so. 

Another solution is resetting the printer. Remove all printer tasks and use the Control Panel to reset the connection between the computer and the printer. Now reinstall the printer on the computer and try using it again. It should get rid of the error. 

Jammed paper is also a cause of this error therefore, check the paper tray to remove any piece of paper that might be stuck in the printer. This should also help with getting rid of the error.