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Introduction - It is true that most people own Hp printers. This is because they allow you to perform quality work while using them. At the same time, you are unlikely to run away from some of the common technical problems which face HP printers. Therefore, it is very important to have the knowledge of how you will go about it when you experience such a problem. This article is aimed at ensuring that you don’t panic when you get any technical problem while using the printer. This is because it has a guide which will be easy to follow. Apart from contacting the customer care, you can follow these few steps and fix the problem through HP Printer Support USA 1-888-524-8688

Step 1

The first step is to ensure that the Hp printer is well connected. This is because a slight disconnection will render the machine unable to function and thus you will experience a lot of technical problems with it. Therefore, you have to ensure that the cable that connects the PC to the printer is functional and well connected.

Step 2

The next step is to ensure that you reset the functioning of the printer. This has been discovered as a very important method of eliminating a previous technical error or malfunctioning. It is just like the way you can redo something again and give it a new thought. There is likely to be good results. These are usually done by turning off the printer for a short while and then turn it on. This one usually solves technical errors.

Step 3

You should ensure that you check the status of the cartridges. These are very important parts of a printer. You should check the ink level as this usually determines whether the printer will work or not. Then if so, you should ensure that you replace it immediately.

Step 4

Sometimes a printer may malfunction due to some blockage which causes the jam. This could even be a paper or even a paper clip. You should ensure that you check carefully for these and remove them immediately. This might be the cause of the technical problem Contact now our HP Printer Support Number 1-888-524-8688 .

Step 5

This will be the last step which will involve getting into the settings to set your printer and ensure you check on its status. It involves clicking on the control panel, then finding the offline printer and set it as default. After the above steps, ensure that you test if it is working. If the problem it is not resolved, we advise you consult the Hp customer care. Conclusion

In conclusion, you are advised to follow the above simple guidelines in case of any technical problem with your printer.