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HP Printer showing offline

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HP Printer showing offline 1-888-994-0249

Hp printer offline problem is mainly caused by absence of connection between computer, printer and internet source. For example, if you’ve HP 8610 ink and it doesn’t move from offline mode to online, reason is related to connection, you need to define which of its participants have that hp printer showing as offline problem and then fix it.

Wireless connection

First of all you’ve to be sure that computer and printing device is connected with the same wireless network. If everything is OK with it, then make sure that you’re sending your task to the right device. In the worst conditions try to use Ethernet cable for connection between printer and internet port.

Reinstalling driver

Otherwise try to uninstall and then reinstall driver. For that you need to open Start menu, search Settings, select Services, choose Printers and Scanners and press on Remove Device. It will be uninstalled. Then for reinstalling it go back to Start menu, open Settings, choose Devices and click on Printers & Scanners. After that you need to select Add a printer or scanner and then let Windows for a while to find nearby devices. Choose the relevant option and click on Add device.

Offline to online

Windows has setting allowing you to save printing document even when printing device is not connected to the computer and when it is back to online documents are sent by computer automatically. Before doing this make sure that printing device is connected with computer. Then open Start menu and search folder Devices and Printers and after opening it right click on your hp printer showing offline. It may have name Hewlett Packard or just HP. if these names are not shown, you need to click on the picture of devices without manufacturing names. There you will see the details, Manufacturer is written at the bottom of the window and then HP or Hewlett Packard comes. After that you’ve to click on the option of ‘See What’s Printing’. Here window will be opened where you will press on Printer menu and make uncheck ‘Use Printer Offline’. Every items that are in this printing queue will be printed.

Instruction for MAC owners

MAC owners are needed to press on the icon in the Dock and the open ‘system preferences’. After that go to the ‘print and fax’ control panel, which are under the category of Hardware. Select necessary device from the list located in the left side of the screen. Then hit on ‘open print queue’ button. After that you will see queue window where you’ve to click on ‘resume printer’.If you face difficulty, then contact HP Printer Contact Number +1-888-994-0249. We are working on your issues and resolve all kind of errors so that you can print anything from your printers.