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HP Printer is offline

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HP Printer is offline

Sometimes printing devicedoes not perform tasks we give. HP printer says offline instead. Generally is happens in case of Windows 10 or 8. The most common is Windows 10 printer offline problem. There are several options to be undertaken when HP printer is offline.

Hp print and scan Doctor

If you have Windows 10 or Windows 8, you need to download named HP Print and Scan Doctor that is created to solve such printer problems. Run this program by clicking on start and selecting your printing device. In case of it is not in the list turn it off and then turn it on again. Program will ask you about turning on updates and you’ve to agree. You’ve to agree also the question about making it as a default. If this option doesn’t work try the next step.


Resect can help to restore connection between print device and the computer. Turn it off, wait for ten seconds and disconnect it from power source. Then turn off the computer andconnect print device to power source again and if it doesn’t turn on automatically make it manually by clicking on power button. If your printing device is connected by wireless, restart router too, by disconnecting from power source and after ten minutes connecting it back. When router’s light become active switch off wireless connection on printer and then turn it on. Wait until it connects to router again and then switch on the computer. If problem resists try the next step.

Set as default

It’s possible that the default driver was changed from another with very similar name for example. Changing default driver to originally installed one and confirming not settingit for offline use. Search Windows For Devices, then from the list click on Devices And Printers. After that click on active HP printer , which is not gray and select as a Default. If it doesn’t print and goes offline again try the next option.

Another possible solutions

Connect printing device with the same network as computer. Network must have the same name. In addition you can try direct connection for printing. Another option is to make regular update. As an option you can also reinstall software for solving problems caused by the mistakes made while installing. At first you need to disconnect USB cable if attached, then uninstall program and after restarting computer install it again.