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Hewlett Packard printers or most commonly known as HP printers are the viable choice for customers who are conscious about the brand and are concerned about the quality of the product. Setting up the newly bought printer is fairly easy, and it is a great experience for you.

HP Printer Installation Hardware Setup :

After how to install hp printer without cd, you will then need to connect it to the internet. If it is applicable, you can use an Ethernet or wired connection. But take note that when the HP printer is connected wired, the wireless system cannot be used at the same time. HP Printer Support 1-888-524-8688 .

If you prefer to use wireless connection for your printer, there are four methods to connect wirelessly:

When printer is already connected to the network, process registration to have a personal dashboard, and sign up for the HP Instant Ink. If in case you still need help, feel free to contact the hp printer tech support phone number 1-888-524-8688 for an expert guidance from friendly and accommodating representatives.