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How to Install HP Printer MAC 1-888-524-8688

MAC is basically one of the Operating System that is developed and marketed by the Apple Inc. and with that, almost everything related to this system has its own unique way of going about. For instance, the installation of printer drivers is not the same as other procedures associated with another OS. This calls for the need to be aware of how to install HP printer driver on MAC so that you may not face challenges and disappointment when the need to print something out of your MAC device is concerned. There are two main steps associated with installing HP Printer Setup on MAC. These steps include:

HP wireless printer setup

There are a few simple steps of installing or initiating the installation of HP drivers on your MAC system. The first step is, of course, turning on your printer. The installation of drivers cannot be initiated without powering your printer. After this step, connect the printer to the MAC device using a high-speed USB cable. Unless you connect the HP printer on your MAC, then it will be impossible to initiate the whole process of installation. You will also be required to add something on the print queue so that as soon as the installation process is done, the printing process will be automatically tested.

Click on software update and then wait for MAC OSX to check for any available updates regarding HP printers. These are very important because HP Printer Support and printing properties on each and every OS are constantly being updated to enhance efficiency. A software update window will open and you will be required to select the right updates before initiating the process of installation. As soon as your printer updates are done, restart your computer and go to the next step.

Adding HP Printer to MAC

The first stage of adding HP printer on MAC is launching the system preference and this is basically stating that system which you will be using. After this has been done, go to Print and Scan option. There is always a (+) sign there which when clicked will display a series of printers installed. You will see the HP printer which will confirm that it has been successfully installed. If your HP printer is available, click “add” so that you can add this printer. If your printer is connected using a USB cable, an installation prompt will pop up and this is where you will agree to license agreement by HP. After the hp wireless printer setup, check if the printer is available in the queue. Then you will be ready to go.

And, if your printer is not installed on your MAC after performing the above steps then do not need to worry just contact hp printer tech support phone number. You will be given proper information about the installation process from our expert.